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Note: Profit % is calculated based on the max day high from the next day after setup is posted till the day the options expire.
Data may not be 100% accurate, view details to see more information on underlying individual alerts.

Alert posted
Company#Alerts #Win
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Avg Win%
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( > 30% )
Avg Win%
( > 30% )
March-2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.837310276.54%48414.26%View Alerts | ROI Analysis
February-2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1229131306.82%74373.05%View Alerts | ROI Analysis
January-2020FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1817179.56%1399.77%View Alerts | ROI Analysis
December-2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.31247291.84%19364.36%View Alerts | ROI Analysis
November-2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.19154209.62%15209.62%View Alerts | ROI Analysis
October-2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.58499341.24%37446.85%View Alerts | ROI Analysis
September-2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.6660659.03%4277.48%View Alerts | ROI Analysis
August-2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.34286122.63%21159.53%View Alerts | ROI Analysis
July-2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.36324376.27%32376.27%View Alerts | ROI Analysis
June-2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.42339322.14%28378.00%View Alerts | ROI Analysis
May-2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.22166202.17%11285.65%View Alerts | ROI Analysis
April-2019FTNT - Fortinet, Inc.1615194.79%10137.35%View Alerts | ROI Analysis

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Setup ideas are automatically posted as and when they are triggered by our Algorithimic system. The setups posted are not a trading alert and not a personalized trading advice. Use this as a scanning tool to assist you with short listing and identification of good setups for further research and educational purposes. The system is based on technical analysis and historical data analysis performed based on delayed quotes. Fundamentals such as market conditions, earnings, upgrades/downgrades, major news and etc are not factored in. Options related data such as Volume, Open Interest, Voltality, liquidity, delta, theta and etc are also not considered by the system. Please review the full terms and conditions, privacy policy and the disclaimer posted in the website.

On average, around 150 setups are triggered and posted by the system every trading day. One may choose to focus only on setups posted for a few symbols as opposed to looking at all the setups posted. We also recommend to use well tested money and position size management strategies along with a good trading system.

Review the historical setups posted for any specific symbol or a group of symbols to view the win/loss ratio of the setups posted. Since the content posted here is for educational purposes, do not rely on the accuracy of the data posted in this website. Use other sources and real time data provided by your brokerage platform to conduct your research.

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