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Below are the simulated transactions by applying money and position size management settings based on the setup alerts posted. Only expired setups are considered for this simulation.

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DateTradeQtyPriceMoney OutMoney InAccount BalanceProfit Account Balance
5/24/18 11:29 AMCapital - Initial Deposit$2,000.00$2,000.00$0.00
5/24/18 11:34 AMTrade #1 BTO 1st Lot $FANG Jun-15 120 #Puts2$1.75$350.00$1,650.00$0.00
5/25/18 9:40 AMTrade #2 BTO 1st Lot $FANG Jun-15 115 Puts2$1.45$290.00$1,360.00$0.00
6/4/18 Trade #2 STC $FANG Jun-15 115 Puts1$2.18$217.50$1,577.50$0.00
6/4/18 Trade #2 STC $FANG Jun-15 115 Puts1$5.46$545.60$2,123.10$61.55
6/5/18 Trade #1 STC Exiting half at 50.00% $FANG Jun-15 120 #Puts1$2.63$262.50$2,385.60$61.55
6/5/18 Trade #1 STC Exiting at all/rest at 80% of the high $FANG Jun-15 120 #Puts1$9.18$918.40$3,304.00$682.78

These are simulated results using the money management settings displayed at the top of the page. Not actual trades. The purpose of this simulation tool is for educational purposes only. This tool will let you analyze the results by varying the money and position size management settings.

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