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Alerts are posted in the website and the Ryver Chat room after 15 minutes delay.Alerts are posted after 1 to 3 minutes delay - Only the strike, expiry and calls/puts in the website and Ryver Chat Room.
Alerts with option price for the underlying contracts are posted after 15 minutes delay.
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It is good that you are not rushing. Please see if you can come up with your own trading process before subscribing. Also review the entire FAQ at least once. is not a trading alert service. Alerts and website content are not recommendations for buy/sell/hold. This is a software tool/utility for self driven investors. We use proprietary, algorithm driven data analysis to systematically identify and post potential Alerts. The Alerts identified by the system can be used for your further research, learning and analysis and they are only for educational purposes.

Please formulate your own money management strategy and trading rules by reveiwing the performance of historical/past Alerts posted. Be aware that no matter how good the performance of the past Alerts are, you still need to have a good money management strategy and discipline to follow them. Options trading are very risky and one bad trade can wipe out your entire account. You can also preview the money management strategies posted as a sample and modify them to suit your account size and trading style.

Take a quick look at the performance of alerts posted in the past using the sample links below:

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