1.)  What is Answer
2.)  What are option alerts?Show Answer
3.)  What are the steps required to use the alerts effectively?Show Answer
4.)  I don't have enough experience trading options. However I am impressed with the peak percentage gains posted by the system. Can I use the setups posted here for trading blindly?Show Answer
5.)  Are all the setups posted by the system a winner?Show Answer
6.)  Why should I focus only on a few symbols?.Show Answer
7.)  Focusing on just a few symbols is a good idea. But, I don't want to limit myself to just them, I am concerned about missing out on action on symbols that are not my focus symbols. Any alternatives?Show Answer
8.)  I understand the importance of focusing on a few symbols. But how do I pick my symbols and how many symbols should I focus on?Show Answer
9.)  Where do I see the list of symbols covered by algo?Show Answer
10.)  How to Update my focus symbols in the website?Show Answer
11.)  What is a Trading System?Show Answer
12.)  Can I have multiple trading systems?Show Answer
13.)  What is a Money Management System?Show Answer
14.)  What is the difference between Money Management System and Position Size Management?Show Answer
15.)  I see the term 'Consecutive Trades' used often in the sample trading systems posted in the website. What exactly do you mean by 'Consecutive Trades'?Show Answer
16.)  Why do I even need a trading system?Show Answer
17.)  What is the difference between a Primary and Dip Setup?Show Answer
18.)  What is the recommended exit Strategy for Straddles?Show Answer
19.)  I see a CALL and a PUT triggered the same day. PUT was triggered 30 minutes after the CALL was posted and I am already in a call, now what should I do with the PUT setup?Show Answer
20.)  What should be my stop loss % for option trades? Any suggestions?Show Answer
21.)  How not to lose money trading options?Show Answer
22.)  How do I cancel the recurring subscription?Show Answer
23.)  Can I get SMS / Email / Mobile Notification of alerts?Show Answer
24.)  I am getting a lot of PUSH notifications from Ryver Mobile APP. How do I get PUSH notifications only for some teams and not all?Show Answer
25.)  How to join sleekoptions chat room (Ryver Chat Room) using the mobile app?Show Answer
26.)  How to join sleekoptions Ryver chat room using the desktop web browser?Show Answer
27.)  How do I get setup alerts in the Chat platform only for selected symbols?Show Answer
28.)  What is the win/loss ratio on these setups?Show Answer
29.)  Can I trade on these alerts?Show Answer
30.)  Can I trade on these alerts?Show Answer
31.)  What time are the alerts generated?Show Answer
32.)  Why are the exits not posted? How do I know when to exit a trade that I made based on an alert.Show Answer
33.)  What are sFolios?Show Answer
34.)  Can you give an example on what happens when you don't follow a good money management system?Show Answer
35.)  The historical performance of alerts are good, what is that based on?Show Answer
36.)  How accurate is the data?Show Answer
37.)  Can you provide some guidance on when to exit?Show Answer
38.)  How are the 'Max Profit'/'Peak Profit' calculated?Show Answer
39.)  Can you recommend some trading sytems?Show Answer
40.)  How do i see all the alerts (historical) posted for any particular symbol.?Show Answer
41.)  Why is money management important for options trading?Show Answer
42.)  Can I get twitter notification of the setup alerts?Show Answer
43.)  Are you planning on a chat room service?Show Answer
44.)  Do you trade all the alerts posted here? How do we follow your trades?Show Answer
45.)  Why are so many alerts generated for the day? How do I know which one is the best pick of all the alerts generated by the system on any given day?Show Answer
46.)  I don't see any alerts at all for some symbols. Why?Show Answer
47.)  All the alerts are based on straight calls and puts. Can you include spreads in future? Show Answer
48.)  Is there a iphone/android App?Show Answer
48.)  Is there a iphone/android App?Show Answer

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